5 Reasons You Can Benefit From A Promotional Advent Calendar

Can anyone else hear the jingling of bells in the distance…? With the nights drawing in earlier, the temperatures beginning to dip and a mildly frenzied buzz in the shops (or perhaps more online shopping), it’s safe to say that Christmas is well and truly coming.

Of course, one of the key indicators that Christmas is coming is the emergence of Advent calendars, which are ideal for gifting to your customers and staff alike as a sweet giveaway. Selling in their millions each year, they’re a hit with young and old alike across the UK – because who doesn’t love a chocolate fix to kickstart those cold winter mornings?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in October 2019 and has been updated for 2020.

Whilst the tradition of advent calendars can be dated back to the mid-nineteenth century, albeit they weren’t yet filled with delicious chocolates – some of the earliest chocolate-filled calendars went on sale in the 1950s – it’s safe to say that the seasonal product is still just as beloved today.

The main advantage of investing in branded Advent calendars is the awareness it can offer UK businesses; Advent calendars offer an unbeatable opportunity to get a brand’s logo directly into the hands of consumers every single day in the run-up to December 25th. The meaning? Daily awareness and visibility for your logo, as well as a reminder of your company and the services it can provide.

Thought you’d missed the deadline for placing a promotional Advent calendar order? Nope! There’s still time but you’ve got to be quick – the latest cut-off point for proof approval is 1pm on November 13th for our Foil Sealed Advent Calendar, whilst our Stock Design Desktop Advent Calendar (shown below) requires proof sign-off by October 30th. Make sure you place your order in a timely fashion in order to ensure delivery in time for distributing to your audience.

Need further convincing that a branded Advent calendar will make the perfect addition to your Christmas marketing campaign? Read on for our five reasons why an Advent calendar is essential for any festive marketing campaign…

#1 They’re a winning promotional giveaway for all audiences!

Whether you’re planning to send this to your customers as part of your seasonal direct mail-out campaign or give them to your workforce, one thing is for certain: your promotional Advent calendars will be a hit!

Our range of branded Advent calendars can be tailored to tie-in with any seasonal marketing campaign. With a universal appeal that defies a specific demographic, an Advent calendar is a crowd-pleaser product that combines a defined purpose with prolonged brand awareness.

#2 A promotional Advent calendar offers excellent value for money.

In their most basic form, Advent calendars provide your business 24 (or in some cases, 25!) days of brand awareness. Twenty-five days! That’s a long time for your logo to be present in someone’s mind – and chances are that your branding will subliminally linger long after Christmas, too.

In short – and with prices beginning at just £1.48 per unit for our Your Design Desktop Advent Calendar – our range of promotional Advent calendars can certainly offer maximum bang for your buck.

#3 Advent calendars provide a great chance to flaunt your imagery.

Our full-colour Advent calendars can be printed with your artwork, offering an excellent chance to showcase your latest imagery. Whether it’s cherry-picked from a recent campaign you shot or is a specially-designed graphic that’s designed to catch the eye (and perhaps draw attention to a seasonal offer), you have complete control!

Our Your Design Large Advent Calendar (shown above) can even have your artwork printed inside each of the doors, providing extra opportunity to spread your message among your customers.

#4 A branded Advent calendar will keep your business in the minds of customers throughout December.

The build-up to Christmas can be frantic but the beauty of a promotional Advent calendar means your customers’ minds will be kept firmly on your brand no matter how mad things get.

Research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) found 80% of customers are more likely to remember a brand if they’re gifted with a promotional product bearing their logo, with a similar proportion saying branded items create a positive impression of a business. It’s a no-brainer!

#5 An Advent calendar will help your customers get their days off to a sweet start.

Because let’s face it: winter mornings can only be made better, right? Providing customers with a sweet way to kickstart their day, a promotional Advent calendar will certainly make those gloomy December mornings a fraction more bearable.

Whilst you can’t offer your customers lie-ins or brighten up those cold, dark mornings, your business can provide them with a sweet way to begin their day which, in turn, will create positive associations with your brand. And what’s not to love about that?

Browse our full range of branded Advent calendars and contact us today to get the ball rolling with your order!

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